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Poetry for Your Soul 

Poetry should encourage you, it should touch your soul.

Whenever I write a poem that is my ultimate goal.

When my daily experiences, help someone in anyway,

my mission is accomplished; To me it’s a very good day.

If my words can lift somebody up, who is feeling down.

Then I’ll gladly share my poetry, all around the town.

When it inspires someone, to let go of the past that they missed.

Then I scratch another mission accomplished, off my poetry list.

If after reading one of my poems, people start loving each other more,

I am so very happy because, that is exactly what I write poetry for.

I hope that my poetry inspires everyone, young and old.

I write poems for everyone to help encourage their inner soul.

We all need to be encouraged; I need some encouragement too.

Poetry comes from the God inside of me, and then I share it with you.

So, if having a good day every day, is your ultimate goal.

Start every day of your life with some poetry for your soul.

                                                                                  Harriette Bell