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Harriette started writing at a very young ages. She has written over 200 poems. She writes and recites poems for any and every occasion and situation. She has performed at churches, funerals, weddings, holiday parties, hospitals, schools, special events, and family reunions, throughout the District, Maryland, and Virginia area.


Nominated Poet of Year International Library of Poetry, 1995, Who's Who in America - 2000, 54th Edition (pub. 1999); Who's Who in the East - 1999-2000, 27th Edition (pub. 1998); , Nominated for Who's in America 2020, Nominated for Who's Who Lifetime Achievement Awards, 2020.

Creative Works: 

Life and Love, Sent from Heaven Above, (poetry book), 2007, Life and Love, Sent from Heaven Above, (poetry calendar) 2007, Life and Love From Within, 2017, (poetry book) 2020 I Am Worthy (Poetry Calendar), 2019, I Am Worthy, (poetry book) 2019

Her Motto:

“If my poetry touches just one person’s heart and soul, then my writing shall not be in vain.”