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Poetry for Your Soul was created by Inspirational Poet, Harriette Bell aka Serenity, as a place to come when your soul needs healing and uplifting. Harriette chooses these beautiful specific photos and poems, and videos from her collection of over two hundred poems, for the purpose of encouraging and inspiring people to know their worth and to find the love and the life that they so desire and deserve.

May the poems and photographs touch your heart and inspire you to share your love and shine your light for the world to see. Love is not in our heart to stay. Love is not love until you give it away. As you began to open your heart to love, you will realize that God’s love is all you need.

May you be uplifted and encouraged to know your worth and fulfill your purpose in life. When you do, you will be happy and will truly live your life to the fullest. In life, every second counts, so make the most of it.